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  Phobos Gallery

 Here we showcase the wonderful artists who have contributed to the Phobos Universe.


Doug Chiang created the cover art for Empire of Dreams and Miracles.

To see more of Doug’s extraordinary work, please visit his website:


JayJay Jackson created an original painting for the cover of Absolutely Brilliant in Chrome, the first in the Galaxy series of books from Phobos, to be published in March 2004; and colored the art for the cover of Nobody Gets the Girl.

To see more of JayJay’s delightful and witty work, please visit her website:


Stephan Martiniere created the original painting for the cover of Hitting the Skids in Pixeltown. His work can be seen in various movies, and he is the designer of MYST: Age of Urdu.

To see more of Stephan’s fantastic work, please visit his website: