Why is painting so popular

Why is painting so popular?

You must have quite often heard a lot of people go on about how therapeutic painting is and suggesting other people they should get started. But in all honesty, what is it so mesmerizing about paints that make it so good and relieving?

It is an emotion changer making it quite true when people say painting relieves their stress. The painting allows the person’s mind to relax. This is because when a person is creating art or observing it, the stress hormone known as cortisol is reduced. It also releases the good mood hormone known as endorphins which not only helps fight bad mood but cheer you up.

With painting you can see what is parallel to our real world. It is a sensation of what a parallel world looks like, the painting enhances the experience of the world to a viewer now it might be creating or observing it.

Painting enhances the creativity or imagination of a person. Because painting is so vast and you can draw it directly from your mind without any other reference, it requires brainstorming and forming an image in your brain which then you express it on a paper.

Painting also gives you a very important practical life skill which is known as problem-solving skill. Painters are constantly brainstorming and finding problems about how to draw an edge, how to make the scenery more realistic, and how to move the paint brush in the correct direction. All of these elements come together and enhance the brain processes to think more critically. And that’s how thinking outside of the box becomes very common for painters.

Painting for beginners is easy, you only need some dedication and not to worry as here you would find your answer to getting started on it.

Painting helps make an optimistic mind. The earlier you start painting in your life the earlier and stronger the mind you would develop.  When an artist makes a visually appealing painting and everyone compliments and applauds them, they feel a surge in confidence, they become more happy, more prideful. Not only that but some paintings really help people to fight depression, which makes painters keep working and creating art not only for themselves but for others too.

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