How to buy the perfect mattress

There are so many things that one should consider while buying a mattress and sometimes it becomes too hard to keep track of all the things at once, so here are somethings that we will point out and make sure that you remember while you search for the perfect option.

When you are about to bed furniture Dubai, you will come across different kinds of mattresses which will confuse you. So here is a small guide to these types:

  • Open Coil Mattress

Open coil mattress also known as continuous mattress are designed in such a way that a single movement can be felt all across the mattress which is not a very pleasant feeling that everyone enjoys while sleeping. More so, it becomes a trampoline for kids.

  • Memory foam Mattress

As suggested by its name, a memory foam layer is spread across the mattress so that it can take the pressure off from joints and sooth them out while you sleep. Some people really appreciate this technology and stick to it while others say that it gets too hot and sweaty while sleeping because of its sinking ability.

  • Latex Foam mattress

Due to the allergy factor, many people prefer latex foam mattresses as it helps the prevention from dust allergies and dust mites, other than that, they carry less chance of overheating which plays in favour for those people who live in hot climatic areas.

  • Pocket Spring mattress

This may be one of the most expensive options but the results are worth it. These spring mattresses have springs sew in each fabric to divide the body proportion equally at all sides. Not only that but the spring themselves have different options such as soft, medium or firm. You can get these mattresses customized according to your and your partner’s body weight which won’t affect the other side as it will be built to fit you perfectly.

One thing which will get you safe is that choose a mattress that has a long term guarantee because without it, you will be in trouble if they don’t turn out to be the way you had expected them to, but you will still be stuck with them and nothing could reverse that option for you.
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