How to improve school

School is a place where children are sent to teach them to learn to live successfully by using different skills which can satisfy their mind, soul and body completely. It is more than a place. It is a platform which let a child to learn to live under stress in the form of exams and lectures which they find boring. 

Therefore, it is more like a home. It is place where a child gets one year mentally and four years old spiritually. It is a place which tells a child to trust on themselves instead of others, firstly. 

These are qualities of a good school. There are many school, however, nowadays which need improvement. These schools can improve in the following way:

Less syllabus: Instead of putting burden of too many chapters and lessons, keep few topics and focus on them completely. Let the child understand a topic completely at a time and then move on another topic. Connect each topic to another topic so that children can understand and grasp them. Instead of learning, focus on understanding because school’s objective is to broaden minds of toddlers, not to turn them into parrots. 

Discussion based classes: Instead of having lecture based class, lessons should be based on discussions. Teachers should create friendly environment in class to make everyone speak about the topic. They should ensure the participation from every student present in the class. Their participation let them understand the topic and clear all doubts and mistakes.

Gadgets and phones: It is twenty first century. The use of phones and gadgets is necessary now. You cannot keep yourself away from it. That’s why its usage is now getting necessary in class. Teachers should allow students to use them for their school work. They can use their phones and gadgets to teach them from videos and games. There are so many applications and videos which help students to grasp the main points fast and easily. 

Practicality: Teachers should focus on teaching them through movement. They can teach them basic laws of physics by playing cricket with them and DMAS by giving them task to collect money for donation by organizing a stall of lemonade. Teaching them through work let them experience new things and humans learn fast through experience. Give them projects related science and technology. Give them task to create a small machine to clean class or make calculations easy. These group projects will teach them teamwork, stress management beside sciences and engineering. Thus, instead of lecturing, get the services of printer rental in Dubai or get a xerox printer Dubai and give them copies of different scientific journals or excerpts of books to make the class interactive.