Traffic rules and rules to follow on road

Traffic rules and rules to follow on road

Everyone has to come on roads and cross them and while crossing they have to be alert regarding traffic lights and who is crossing roads with them (robber or a safe guy).  However, there are some rules which everyone should know. Their knowledge will keep you safe from all rainy days and difficulties. 

These a few rules are:

Instead of walking instantly on road, see on each side and then walk. If there is red light on traffic signal, they it is passenger’s time to walk but there is green light then walk in side because cars will rush to go on each side and you may be pissed off in all of them. These traffic rules are made for humans do kindly follow them and make the whole process of crossing roads and driving cars easier for everyone. 

At many times, there are adults too on the road who cannot walk properly on their own so try to help them out. Hold their hands when they started to walk fast when green lights were showing. Ask them that where they want to go. Hold their hands and cross them roads so that they can reach their destinations safely. 

Children are very excited most of the time. So, on roads, keep them on foot path otherwise they will injure or hurt themselves badly. If they want to cross roads then do it with them. Teach them about traffic lights and traffic signals. It will give them lessons that how they should walk and when they should walk on road. 

People who drive should know about  parking. They should park in corners so that people and other cars would have space to walk and drive. They should install parking guidance system in their cars because it will guarantee their safety and the safety of the society. Al Shirawi Group provides this system for cheap. You have to pay required amount once and it will help you the whole lifetime.

The speed of car should be medium. Too much slow speed will cause disturbances for other drivers and too fast will trouble pedestrians. Besides this, extreme speed can make you to pay fine and it is not a small amount to pay.

So these are few rules which everyone should know related to roads and traffic signals. Following the code of conduct will benefit you the most because it will be you whose life will be saved from accidents and it will be your wallet which will be saved from paying a fine.