Types of salads and their benefits

Salads come in all sorts and shape especially when you visit a salad restaurant Dubai. It can be very overwhelming to choose the one which you would like to eat. So here we have a quick guide to all sorts of salads that are available and you can take a look and choose which one is your favourite so you will be prepared the next time you visit a restaurant or maybe get a healthy delivery Dubai at your place.

Tossed salads

This is the most common kind of salad that you must be used to. It’s simply prepared by tossing vegetables and dressing together. Mostly these salads include leafy vegetables such as lettuce and spinach etc. One thing that needs to be taken care of is the drying of leafy vegetables. If you have noticed, a lot of times your dressing may not set very well and you won’t taste it at all but by the end of salad you would see it all pooling at the end of the bowl and it would ruin all the taste. This happens because of the leafy vegetables which are not dried well. This makes the dressing mix with the dripping water from vegetables and thus the result.

 Composed salads

As suggested by its name, composed salads are the ones which are more composed and thoughtfully prepared by adding base, body and garnish very carefully. These salads are usually prepared with great concentration and adding the ingredients which compliments each other’s taste. You can say they are made from scratch because the body includes cooked salad ingredients which make it important to choose the dressing carefully so that it blends perfectly with the garnish making it taste delicious and filing at the same time.

Bound salads

These salads are usually made of cooked ingredients such as meat, fish, legumes and anything cooked together. The main idea is to bind together anything in one big mass. These cooked ingredients are put together by a binding agent which is mayonnaise usually. Potatoes and pasta, meat and legumes or any vegetable that goes together will be mixed together and presented in a bowl and it would serve as a meal and be healthy at the same time.