Have misaligned teeth

Have misaligned teeth? Don’t worry we have the solution

When people do not have beautifully aligned teeth then they often feel self-conscious or odd in the gathering of people with beautiful smile. They feel left out due to the ridicule which they need to face. But now they do not need to worry about this thing as there are dental veneers in Dubai are now available which will make their smile beautiful and their teeth will look naturally aligned and shaped. In the veneers there is a material called porcelain veneers Dubai which is now used widely. Following are the detailed information about the two different kinds of veneers. You can read it thoroughly and then make a decision to get the one which suits your requirements and your budget.

Composite resin: This is the material which is quite cheaper than any other kind of material in veneers. It is used when people want to keep their natural teeth color as it is from always. It will happen as there is no extra filling on your teeth surface which may change the color of your teeth if applied on the longer run as it will be the extra territorial material so it may not suit your natural teeth color. As mentioned already that these are cheaper so it will not very much durable but you can get the same benefits especially if you want a small change in the shape of your teeth. You get your desire shape in the lower amount and you should go for composite resin if you have less budget and less de- shaped teeth.

Porcelain veneers: This material is a bit expensive than the other one because it will include a high level of material called porcelain. This is expensive due to its durability and more accurate results especially of you want to have a huge change in the shape of your teeth. It will include a very low amount of tooth filling, that is too only if badly needed, so it will also retain the color of your teeth and help your teeth in aligning the way you want them to be. Another reason of being expensive of these veneers is that they are made on order as demanded by the client that is why they are used for more de shaped teeth.